Basic Facts

Average lifespan: 15 to 20 years

Height: 1 metre (3 feet ) at the Wither. 1.5 metres at the head (5 feet).

Weight: 50 -80 kg (110 -170 lb. )

Maturity: Females can be bred at 18 -24 months. 

They are induced ovulators and can therefore be bred all year round. Pregnancy confirmation is usually done by ultrasound / Scanning or progesterone testing. They can have one cria per year throughout their life time. For most of the pregnancy the foetus is small and this therefore reduces the stress to the animal. They make excellent mothers and will suckle the cria until weaning. Males can start work at 2-3 years of age. During the mating act the male makes a sound called “Orgling” This can be quite loud.

Gestation: 11.5 months.

They rarely have twins, and normally deliver in daylight hours. This is to ensure that the cria is up and mobile well before nightfall – vital in the harsh environment of the Andean Mountains from which they originate. A cria is normally 6 – 9 kg at birth and should stand and suckle within 30 minutes. They are weaned at 6 months.